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Zero VAT

We are able to supply your bathroom products with no VAT added to the bill in certain circumstances.  The Inland Revenue considers that VAT need not be charged by us if you qualify as 'chronically sick or disabled' and the goods are for your own use.  So if you have a condition like arthritis, for example, and it means you need your bath replacing for a shower, or a walk-in bath, we can supply you the goods for the whole job on the basis that you need it doing for health reasons.


You might find that it is more difficult to get in and out of the bath, so a new shower in place of your bath could be one of the solutions.  Added to this will be the need for grab rails to steady yourself and provide extra safety.  Sometimes the height of the WC is a problem, and you could be thinking about changing it for one that is a few inches higher.  These WCs are known as 'comfort height', and make it easier for you to get up and down without struggling.  There are many products available to make life easier when you use your bathroom, such as easy push flush mechanisms and lever taps.


Many of our older clients do find that they have common health problems that fall in to the category of chronically sick.  It just means that you have something that is a long-term condition.  It is a simple matter of asking your doctor for a note to say that you have the condition, and we do the rest for you. 

VAT is currently chargeable at a rate of 20%, so if your bathroom items came to £800, the VAT added to that is £160, making the total payable of £960.  If you qualify as 'chronically sick or disabled' you can save the extra £160 and just pay £800. This does make quite a difference, and is something that we are able to offer you as an added benefit.  The large online bathroom suppliers are simply not able to cope with the paperwork involved in doing this.



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